Survey results of the Israeli auditing project

Neora, Oren Tirosh, Liraz Siri
The entire IP address space of Israel was scanned as part of a security survey. The automatic scanner performing the survey detected the presence of several well-known security vulnerabilities. Detected vulnerabilities were not exploited in any way.
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The purpose of this public survey was to raise the awareness of security issues and improve the overall security of the network. The collected information is in statistical form only - information about specific sites was not retained.
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There were some attempts to silence the existence of this survey, and never mention the results, but following the established principle of Full Disclosure, we have decided to publish it openly.
Detailed results - as presented in 3rd panel of the second day of Y2hacK conference, March 29th, 2000.
This survey is a local version of the more comprehensive Internet Auditing Project.