Y2hacK met it's charter and more. For two days and nights hackers had the opportunity of listening to lectures given by senior and young hackers - technology, ideology, ethics. We all had the priviledge to meet others of the same kind, play retro games on Mac, Atari, Commodore 64 and other vintage computers, and to compete over hacker contests on linux, Pc's and workstations. Laugh from the same jokes of stupidities in hacker movies, eat pizza and drink cola until our stomach sent us a buffer_overflow message. see pictures. lecture pages.

The highlights of the event:

350 people attended Y2hacK, many more than expected, considering the short time it was published. see pictures.

Script kiddies opened their eyes and learned some hacker ethics and culture - they circled non-stop the senior hackers - John Draper, Andy Muller, and several Israelis from the "hackers scene" whom they never met before. and maybe understood, why we do not consider vandalism on the net as hacking, why we condem DoS attacks (that crashed yahoo.com and other E-commerce site) and damaging virus.
More experiend Israeli hackers had the chance of hearing blue box stories, linux kernel hacking techniques, actions of groups abroad like CCC and 2600, and more. see pictures.

First time since his freedom from jail, Kevin Mitnick attended a conference call, talking for more than an hour with Y2hacK audience (up to now people had the chance to see his edited interviews on TV).listen to realaudio of the talk, see pictures.

Y2sKan - Israeli net auditing survey - First time that we know of such a project done openly, and it was not trivial, in fact there were many attempts to silencing us. On the second day, following the established principle of Full Disclosure, we have presented the results. The numbers are only statistics, the data of specific ip's does not exist. The scan was not intrusive in any way and checked for vulnerabilities that are documented and fixed long time ago. The bottom line was not much different than worlwide results. 28% of the Israeli net is vulnarable. From 38% in the commercial sector to 9% in the gov sector.see the presentation.

Hackers vs. Industry vs. Gov - FEDs (or shushu's in hebrew) were among the audience, we could spot them easily though no one got the shirt of "I spotted the Fed" game. Untill the last moment, the authorities refused to meet us at our panels, in fact during the conference itself, Minister Scheransky filed a claim against it. On the other hand, MP Michael Eitan came all the way from Jerusalem and met us in an open discussion.
Figures from the security Industry proved again to be "Sales minded" and power oriented. Very few agreed to affiliate with us in any way, including Checkpoint that hires some of these security specialists. But they did take an advantage of us, by publishing a day before that their new product will be announced on Y2hacK conference. They somehow hacked us, and send a Netvision representative who made a presentation of this product. Others came for some head hunting, others took Public Relations advantage of our auditing survey, but one hour before the panel - backed up from any affiliation with it. We decided to go on our own.

Awareness to security and hacking ideology - We got massive coverage (First page Financial Times, Wired, several TV's worlwide, more than 50 articles) inspite of our strict approach to the media. Press people were allowed in only if registered. Therefore most of them thoroughly heard what we had to say. Only few who somehow "invaded" us on the first afternoon, came out quite superficial.links to the articles.