Please wear your badge during your stay at the conference. If you prefer, you can register with a nickname.

No cameras are allowed (except for press tours, Tuesday 18:00-17:00, Wednesday 14:00-15:00). The official photographer will not take pictures of those who do not want their pictures taken.

Any of the following activities may result in immediate removal from the conference:
1. Causing damage to facilities or equipment.
2. Harrassment of other participants.
3. Attempts to break into computers, except as defined by the competition rules or with the consent of the owner of the computer.
4. Plain abuse of services offered to the public by an internal or external computer (DoS, spamming, mass submissions to voting and rating systems, posting an ad "signed" by your teacher, etc.) is not considered hacking by us and is not allowed. Analogy: throwing eggs at the windshield doesn't count as overriding the car's alarm. This is plain old vandalism.