Y2hacK conference is already covered in several newspapers in Israel and around the world. You can peep at our refer_log as from where our site is contacted. We are expecting several press people to arrive, some of them are already in touch with us.

Note! we don't consider viruses as hacking and we don't support them. Since they do exist in our environment, we believe we should not cover our eyes and should not ignore them!

Since the conference is strictly for people who register, and will be secured as such, here are the guidelines for the press:

- We will conduct press tours, to which you are invited:
Tuesday, March 28th - 18:00-19:00 - Conference call with Kevin Mitnick and overall look at the "Hackish Fun" area)
Wednesday, March 29th - 14:00-15:00 - Panel 4 - Y2sKan - Israeli auditing results
We believe that is the only way to actually get the right idea of what we are doing there.
- Anyone who wants to attend Y2hacK conference, needs to register and pay, according to the payment arrangements listed in the registration page. Freelance journalist will pay as individuals, and those who are coming on behalf of TV or magazine networks, will pay as organizations do.

- This is done both for security reasons, and in order for us to be able to express our message thoroughly, and not through the eyes of guests for short peeps. Sorry, these are also the rules for friends, vip, etc...
- No camera allowed in Y2hacK area, except for our official photographer. You will be informed soon enough, about special sessions during Y2hacK when you will be invited with your equipment. The night before, we will hold a press meeting at the area of the event, and will hand out press materials.

- Stay tuned, and get in touch, for further details. We will be updating this page with information and statistics.

(c) This convention is coordinated by Neora
and PR'd by Iris Weinstein - Kav Yashir.

Hebrew coverage of Y2hacK

Yediot Achronot

(soon will be uploading all the others)

International coverage of Y2hacK

Wired - polititician Anat Maor tries to stop Y2hacK from happening

Wired - Anat Maor withdraws her claim, Y2hacK team attended the Knesset discussion (without being invited), through online connection.

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