During the convention there will be a lot of other stuff to do beside the official/professional events - Contests and Partying


The Cultural Debug Nightz

every evening from 18:30 we'll screen "politicaly_correct" Cult films accompanied by Moderation and VJing from our Coordinator_Of_Disinformation - ZZZEN.

"ENTER THE COMPOUND" party - 28th

(DJ's in town left the clubs and coming to Y2hacK)
drum+bass, experimental beats+breaks
dj forklift
dj machiniak
dj syrup fatal

"TUBE CONSTRUCTION" party - 29th

(DJ's in town left the clubs and coming to Y2hacK)
sophisticated Techno music
dj poingi
dj tuvia
dj avner

Party.com - 30th
powered by Sun


In the last day of the convention (Thursday) the participants get FREE access to InternetWorld convention (Next door).

Y2drinK bar

the Y2drinK bar will be offering free PIZZA! free COLA! free COFFEE! and selling bits & bites.
plus meeting place for job openings, ongoing chillout music, retro games and many ip's to connect to.