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Ten General Security Rules

Other Hackers Conventions:

HIP 97 was cool - see pictures i took there.
Chaos Computer Club - hackers summer camp 1999
H2K (NYC, JULY 14-16, 2000) will be held at the site of the first HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth) conference back in 1994.
DEF CON - every year in Las Vegas.
and many others, see @ Hackernews

Hackers vs. Industry

Hackers join forces with security firm to keep the world safe
Antionline - controversial

Hackers vs. Gov

Wired: Security: No Blanket Solution Everyone is concerned about viruses, bugs, worms, and network attacks, but high-tech leaders and government officials gathered at a conference say government regulation is not the answer. Elisa Batista reports from Menlo Park, California.
Wired - U.S. Wants to Trace Net Users
Wired - polititician Anat Maor tries to stop Y2hacK from happening
Wired - Anat Maor withdraws her claim, Y2hacK team attended the Knesset discussion (without being invited), through online connection.
CNN - Clinton fights hackers with a hacker (Mudge)

Open Source:
Can information be restricted?

FSF - Gnu
Prof Can Post His Crypto A computer scientist is being allowed to post the source code for 'Snuffle,' but that doesn't mean his lawsuit is over.
The cathedral & the bazaar
Eric Steven Raymond's Home Page
dvd conflict

Hackers Sites/Lists:

Chaos Computer Club
Phrack Magazine
Pure Security Networks (powered by hackers)
Hacker Purity test
Hacker Ideology
The Varieties of Hacker Ideology
Hacker profiling

Israeli hacking sites:

Hebrew - Hacker info, news, tips & tricks
Hebrew link for more hackers site
Israeli hacker cut off Australia from the world (Analizer)


The Evolution of the Hacker Mystique
What is hacking? What is cracking? Has the evolution of the term -- as well as the practice -- changed the perception of hackers? And what has happened to "old" hackers? Are they still hacking, or are they now simply a part of the Internet?
The Ethics of Hacking
How are the ethics of this once much-maligned group of people developing? What offenses should be punished and what should be seen as mere curiosity?
Hacking Becomes Common

Hackers Ethics as reflected on the internet.
Classics - computer hall of fame.
www.textfiles.com digital time capsule of the bbs text file days.
Geek Humor.

Tempest info


Full Disclosure vs Security through Obscurity


Hacker Movies:

Disinformation - made by Joshua Backer, a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design's Film, Animation, and Video Department. It's the first hacker documentary to be posted at Kelly's site, and its Enemy of the State-style animations, sped-up footage, and scenes of San Francisco's electric bus lines are mixed with brief interviews with members of the Cult of the Dead Cow, the hacker group most famous for creating the Windows-piercing Back Orifice program.

Cyber Law:

CyberLaw - English and Hebrew.


Hacker Tarot - by Sigal Steiner
Collections of cool ansi art, bbs files and much more
404s Are Sexy - research on 404 pages
Some Java colors

Blue Boxc phreaking:

Cellular/Mobile hacking:

E-Commerce issues:

Wired - A Turning Point for E-Privacy

Music vs. hacking - who won?