What's hacking?

We will not attempt to define here the term hacker, others have done it much better than we could, and we plan to discuss that at the opening session of the conference. But here are some thoughts, to hackers and others, who have doubts on what's our position to what's hacking.

Hackers are a very diverse group and have an extremely wide range of interests and intellectual pursuits. However, there is no other single issue that so many hackers feel so passionately about as security on computer networks.

Some hackers do not have anything to do with computer security. If you are one of those, you don't have to read this site or come to the conference. If you are not interested in security you may still be interested in the cultural aspects of hackerdom and want to meet people whose attitude towards technology and life may be more like yours than the general population.

If you are worried that we are misrepresenting your idea of what a hacker is and causing damage to the public image of hackerdom, we can assure you that we can't possibly do any more damage than the media has already done ;-)

Y2hacK team

We don't consider DoS as hacking, and we don't encourage them! Same goes for virus/trojan horses. Since they do exist in our environment, we believe we should not cover our eyes and should not ignore them!

How is this conference different than other hacker conferences? (besides having free PIZZA/COLA/COFFEE)

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