How to get a free ticket to Y2hacK

Bring items to our low-tech exhibition

Bring an item from any of the following categories:

"Facelift" one of our web pages

Simply save one of our pages, redesign it (without changing any of the text, links or functionality) and eMail it to us. If we put it at our site, you'll get a free ticket. eMail your nomination as a zip file to

Contribute an ANSI escape sequence

Create a cool AnsiArt animation (click here to see supported sequences).
If your animation sequence is cool enough,  you'll get a free ticket.
If your AnsiArt is accepted, it will be converted into Flash, shown at our site, and will go to the final award-bearing contest at the convention.
eMail address (no '(...)' or '<...>'):
Sequence (note, "^[" is equivalent to Esc. See here):

Contribute to our "HiTek as depicted in the movies" stand-up show

As you know, the way hackers (and technology in general) are depicted in movies is an inspiration for a life-time of stand-up comedy: We are looking for instances of CyberFoolishness in movies. We plan to edit the funny bits and present them with funny commentary during the convention.
If you contribute a reference to such a stupidity and we use it, you will get a free ticket.