Q: how do i register for less than 3 days?
A: you cannot. all ticket prices are for the full 3 days!

Q: i want to attend the conference, but prices are too high.
A: prices in israel are higher than some places elsewhere. that's not for us to change. there is a lot of content, professional and fun sessions, that will justify your expenses. plus, the are several ways to get a free ticket!

Q: How is this conference different than other hacker conferences?
A: Indeed, a hacker conference in Israel is different in several ways from any other hacker conference I've attended around the world. We hope to gain from this difference, rather than suffer from it.
The reason is, that Israel is boiling with security industry and individual hackers who are concerned about security, but none are organized in groups like 2600 or ccc, like in the USA or Europe... therefore, a hacker conference would never happen, if we were not to take this opportunity.
The conference is held in a commercial place, and it is sponsored by the industry, indeed, but with a signed document by all sponsors, stating that we keep full editorial freedom!!!
Oh, there's another way it differs, free PIZZA, free COLA, free COFFEE!

Q: I don't understand your position on what's hacking. (we get such remarks both from hackers who push towards "black" approach, and from professionals who pull towards the "white" approach)
A: See our position about what's hacking.

Q: why/how do girls get in free.
A: Females of our species (or whatever the politically-correct term for "girls" is) can enter Y2hacK free of charge, if they register before March 1st. This is done in order to encourage members of the above-mentioned gender to enter the hacker community (which is too male-dominated to our taste nowadays). If you feel offended by our (well meant) gesture, feel free to pay for your ticket.

Q: any special deals for early registration?
A: 10% discount for those who register and pay before March 1st.!

Q: i don't have money, but i love computers, pls send me free ticket.
A: No. that's not what this offer is for. u will need to show real contribution to Y2hacK, meaning time, effort and/or equipment.
Please look at the specific rules for getting a FREE TICKET.

Q: is this conference limited to a certain age?
A: no Age limits.