Y2hacK is taking place in the ROUND HALL (see the map below), at:
The Israel Trade Fairs Convention Center
("Ganey Ha'ta'arucha" in Hebrew)
101 Rokach Blvd.
Tel-Aviv, Israel

The round hall will host all the lectures, panels, workshops.
The patio will host all the contests and demos, plus there's a press room at its side.
In front of the patio will be our cafe, and all around green grass, our tents and your tents.
Toilets and showers will be available, in the tents area.
Security people will constantly guard the entrance to the convention area, only people with tags will be let in!


You are all invited to come with your computers, laptops or boxes, but make sure you have a network card. Cables and hubs will be all along the patio and the round hall, and all along the tents, for you to connect to.
The computers we are setting up will serve the lectures, the demos and contests, etc...
Soon will update about our ip address base and other interesting setup details.

Click here if you want to download and hotsync the map and the schedule to your Palm Pilot.

Click here if you want to see how the last CCC hackers summer camp looked like, and imagine how can be the Israeli Cyber-Sabra version.