(c) This convention is coordinated by Neora
and PR'd by Iris Weinstein - Kav Yashir.
Sponsored by PPL$Computers in Israel, and other security related companies.

Site Design/Production: www.neora.com

Coordinator of disInformation - zzzen

Logo/Flash design - Nir Matarasso

Security consulting - Yoav Weiss (also coordinator of CatchTheFlag contest)

Legal consulting - Aviv Eilon, ADV.

Retro games, BBS, camp setup - moontech

Palm Pilot interface - Tom Berger

Decoration - Yossi Lampen

Y2hacK theme track - mix by OPUS MAG NUM

Our official photographer - Alon Hadar

Many thnx to: yarden 303 (for texts and encouragement), Sigal Steiner (for the beautiful tarot page), Yuval Lahav (for the black&green banner), (will update you all others very soon).