During the convention, we will have a few prize-winning tournaments.
Everyone is entitled to participate, but only the best will survive - the following challenges:

Note! we don't consider viruses as hacking and we don't support them. Since they do exist in our environment, we believe we should not cover our eyes and should not ignore them!

Capture The Flag contest

A 10bT network will be available for the players and observers.
There are two ways to win:
In order to play this side you need to install at least one server on the network. Each server must run some well-known services. (We're talking *useful* services. echo/discard/chargen don't count!) The services must be announced (by registering with us once ready to be used) and made usable to everybody (i.e. guest accounts). Protectors win by running interesting servers during the contest and not getting hacked.
Just plug into the net... You know what to do! Upon hacking a server you should leave your name in '/' or something, or if you want to remain anonymous you can leave a pgp public key and later prove that you hold the private key of it. Once your mark is on the server let us know so we can verify it. Hackers win by being creative :-)
Of course, each player can play both sides, installing a protected server and attacking others'.
1. DoS attacks are not considered hacking and are not allowed! If you take down hosts or the whole network for more than a few seconds you will be forced to wear an "I'm a script kiddie" T-Shirt and a propeller hat. (Or just sent home to learn coding!)
2. If you installed your own server, you should leave it up and running. No modifications or active interference allowed once the server is installed.
3. Services should use the standard protocols. Protectors don't win if their servers don't speak anything which has an RFC or some other available doc.
4. No physical access attacks allowed. Play fair! (Directed EMP attacks are allowed ;)
* Hackers must show the method used to hack the system to qualify. Log your actions.


Spot the Fed Contest

borrowed from the DEFCON tradition: The ever popular paranoia builder. Who IS that person next to you?
Rule of this contests are simple: If you spot a FED, you should get one of our organizers attention. Pointing him out, people around can agree or not, and he himself can convince us if he's not. The people around at the time will then discuss the possibility of whether or not a real fed has been spotted. Once enough people have decided that a fed has been spotted, and the Identified Fed (I.F.) has had a say, you win a "I spotted the fed!" shirt, and the I.F. gets an "I am the fed!" shirt.

NOTE TO THE FEDS: Organizers who know you in advance will not participate. Still, if you want an "I am the FED" shirt, like FBI guys are known to looove it, you can approach us in advance, and even attend a panel.

Linux Death Match

4 pc's, installed with linux, will wait for u quite naked. People should install them to give a list of services: web, ftp, and more.
A fifth machine is running a script every few minutes, checking if all services are running on each machine, and giving points by that.
You are supposed to hack those services and protect your own, in order to win great prizes. Such contest can take few hours, so we'll prepare a form for pre-registration and will upload it soon.


HackTheseSites Contest

A bunch of commercial_capitalist_arrogant_sites volunteered to be hacked. They think their security is that good - You will be invited to prove them wrong! Hackers (Groups or individuals) can for the first time show off their hacking skills and technique - with no legal liability whatsoever! Our Judges will choose the winning hack based on elegance, sophistication and style. The winners will win surprising prizes and Worldwide Fame.
* Hackers must show the method used to hack the system to qualify. Log your actions.

Retro arcade games contest

Remember the golden age of Pacman, Combat and SpaceInvaders? During the convention participants will get the opportunity of playing these Now-Classic-games on some Now-Classic-hardware. Fight your opponents using REAL Atari's VCS 2600 consoles.
PRACTICE! Now is the time to stretch your knuckles and get ready for some old time action!(For those of you who haven't been conscious during the eighties we'll set up a Q3A server, too).