Hackers conventions isn't something that new. 2600, HEU93, HIP97, CCC, DEF CON every year, and others...
But in Israel, where hi-tech security startups mix up with lo-tech hackers community, where a new middle east is trying to emerge from many small anarchic pieces, this is the 1st International Hackers Convention.

We're gathering in order to meet others like us. People who appreciate the technology not necessarily for making money or power, but rather express their creativity and ideology. People who are concirned about security, privacy and the need for "Open Source" not only in code, but with all aspects of information.
We believe in this openess to be a must in our new society, and would like to have a decent and sencere meeting between the hacker community and the industry factors and the authorities, with the overall target of raising the public awareness for security in our times.
We're trying to have traditional hacking guests and issues, while discussing matters of our times. Retro nostalgic games, with techno music rave, blue box stories vs. current mobile technologies, army&intelligence guys on panels with hackers and security industry programmers...

Meeting people of your kind is a great priviledge, so we're putting many efforts to the social/cultural aspect too. Games, sophisticated hacking contests, movies, parties... stay tuned for many spooky/kinky surprises.

Please follow the house rules, we don't want to harm anyone. We do want such an event to take place next year as well. It's gonna be fun :)


March 28th-March 30th, 2000
Beautiful spring weather...


The Israel Trade Fairs Convention Center
("Ganey Ha'ta'arucha" in Hebrew)
101 Rokach Blvd.
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Bring your PC's with a network card. get arranged to stay overnight.
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Convention Space and Facilities

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